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Afimilk Israel

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cards, assemblies, systems

No. of Developers   |

5 engineers

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Test Sites   |

Israel, China, India


Afimilk Israel manufactures and markets computerized milking systems, in Israel and around the world.

The Challenge

The company has a test systems (Test Equipment) development department.
Until 2016, the automation software of the testing process was based on internal (In-House) development in LabVIEW™. Each test had a customized and dedicated software solution.

They needed a cohesive solution that will:

- provide a uniform test platform

- generate test data in the same format from all testers

- ease the analysis of the test data

- decrease test and tester development time and costs

- ease the test effort on the production line

The Solution

TVI is an automated test management framework that seamlessly integrates with LabVIEW™.

We started with a pilot of one tester, which worked with TVI as its software. Initially, a basic two-hour training session was conducted by Testview. Improvements have been made and new options have been added due to the company's unique requirements.

TVI answered Afimilk’s challenges:

  • It can be implemented in all testers, and be used by developers as well as production line workers
  • It includes a report generator, and a built-in interface for analyzing and comparing results, along with database support.
  • It separates between the code and the test management platform, so further continuous tests can be added easily, and the platform can be easily adapted for other test processes.
  • It is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use for production line workers, minimizing work erosion.


After almost two years (2018), TVI is part of the infrastructure in the testing department of Afimilk. This process included guidance and support from Testview.

TVI allowed:

.1 35% savings in development time - use of existing infrastructure that includes an array of required capabilities without the need to invest time in development – saving about 6-15 months in development and engineering time.

30%.2 savings in testing time on the production line - The automation and intuitiveness of the testing software has created time savings for every production line employee. Production workers found it easier and simpler to run tests through simple, generic software, and work erosion diminished over time.

.3 Easily analyze and compare results - reports are created from all the testers in the same format, and saved in the same database - MS-SQL. This is much more convenient, and makes it easy to perform organizational analysis.

Since 2016, Afimilk has acquired over 50 TVI licenses, as it upgrades and renews its support services every year.

To read more about TVI’s features and benefits, click here.

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