RF Testers

What is RF?

Radio Frequency (RF) is energy whose frequency is sufficiently high to
effectively radiate through space. RF is used for transferring
information, sensing or detecting objects, and heating objects.
Because people can’t naturally sense RF energy, all devices that use it
are developed using RF test and measurement equipment.

Testview - RF Testing Experts at Your Service

We offer:

  • Full turnkey tester design, production, and integration services.
  • Ready software modules for RF and DC tests, microcontroller burn, label printing, sound, vibration, LED and DAQ.
  • Fully featured LabVIEW™ based test manager.
  • Optimal test equipment selection – RF, DC, Optical, Motion, and DAQ.
  • Support for FPGA and Real-Time incorporation, meant to increase performance of board level functional testers design and integration.
  • Automatic and flexible result database and report generator.

What makes us the team you need?

Testview works based on your system requirements to offer the best and most affordable solution.

  • Our team has experience in hundreds of test systems developed for several industries: Medical, Semiconductor, Electronics, Optics, Defense, and RF & Microwave.
  • Our engineers use best practices project management guidelines that ensure you receive reliable, efficient, and user-friendly systems.
  • Our testers are equipped with TVI as their software, which allows you to easily add and edit tests and test sequences.
  • Our systems are well documented to ensure understanding and ease-of-use.

For our success stories in RF testing and measurement, click here.

Hire us to help you with all your RF testing needs! Contact us here.

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