Medical Devices Industry

Medical Devices Overview

A medical device is an instrument which is used to diagnose,
monitor, or treat patients. Medical staffs around the globe rely on
medical devices and the information they provide when making
critical decisions.

We offer development services of test solutions and systems, for testing medical devices during development and during production.

Testing Medical Devices

Any malfunction in the way a medical device works can have severe consequences. So, companies in the Medical Devices Industry must test medical devices thoroughly before they are used in practice. Automating the test process minimizes the range of human errors in the testing process and speeds up the rate of production.

Testview - Automatic Testing Solutions

Testview has considerable experience in development, production and assimilation of innovative automated test systems and solutions for medical devices testing. We serve Medical Devices companies from the early stage of proof of concept (POC), through the design validation and all the way to the production floor. Our solutions help automate the test processes of components, assemblies, and subsystems, and up to a full and final product, before it’s shipped to customers.

Our proven test solutions for medical devices

  • Optical (Laser) Tester
  • PCB Functional Testers
  • Device Design Validation
  • Radio-Frequency (RF) Testers
  • Burn-In and Reliability Testers
  • Pneumatic and Pressure Regulated Test
  • Visual Inspection and Image Processing
  • Software and Communication Validation

Our Tool

All our testers are developed using TVI – a proven tester automation platform. This software is already implemented in hundreds of testers in the Medical Devices Industry. To learn more, visit the TVI page.

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