The Testview Integrator (TVI) is a super-simple, yet powerful, tester automation framework for the LabVIEW™ environment.

TVI supports LabVIEW versions 2015-2022

TVI requires LabVIEW 2016 Run-Time Engine x32, and the operating system: Windows 7,8,10 x32/x64.

The trial version is fully functional and includes all premium features, such as database connectivity and Multi Unit Under Test (MUUT) support. The Trial version can run in developer or runtime mode. The only limitation is that it’ll stop working after 30 days. You can install the trial version on several machines.

TVI supports MySQL and MS-SQL. It also supports logging to text files, to local or to network drive.

The TVI developer version requires LabVIEW™ Base or higher.

The TVI Runner version does not require a LabVIEW™ license, only a LabVIEW™ Run-Time Engine.

Both TestStand and TVI are test management softwares which are seamlessly integrated with LabVIEW™. However, while TestStand is a comprehensive and complex framework that covers many uses and a lot of edge cases, TVI focuses more on the core use cases, while emphasizing ease of use and simplicity. TVI is best suited for engineering teams who are looking for an out-of-the-box and easy-to-use user interface, data collection, test parameters configuration and reporting engine capabilities.

For a full overview of TVI’s benefits, click here.



Contact us to receive a license activation code. You can email us at, or simply click here to get started.

To use the trial version of TVI go to the “Licenses” folder:

Delete all the “*.lic” files, then start TVI again. This should allow you to run a trial version for one month.

No, the runner license only requires a LabVIEW™ Run-Time engine. 

Technical Support

No, TVI builds the tests automatically (see picture). The file is LLB (LabVIEW™ Library). In the distribution mode that TVI uses, the LabVIEW™ Run-time Engine can run without the LabVIEW™ development environment:

The Runtime engine is using LabVIEW™ 2017sp1, which is a very stable and reliable version. We will be updating the RTE next year. 

The report viewer is the same as in the free trial version. As for the analysis tool, it will be upgraded in about one month. For information about the current tool, see page 10 in the user manual.


We use a standard queued state machine, which is similar to DHMQ modules. 

The idea behind our framework is that you focus on the Tester automation development and hardware-software interfaces, rather than on the advanced software and GUI features.  Those are built-in in TVI.

Take a look at the full overview of TVI’s benefits and features.

We have support for what we call “external program” or “hardware manager,” that is intended to do just that.  This is shown via a remote session through our support services.

Using LabVIEW 2019 Base Edition on Windows 10 works for TVI without any issues.

The TVI developer version requires LabVIEW™ Base or higher – it is used to develop tests.

The TVI runner version does not require a LabVIEW™ license, only a LabVIEW™ run-time engine – it is used to run tests.

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