Our Vision and Values

Testview is the leading company in Israel for developing LabVIEW™ based software and systems. The connection between the company’s
name, Testview, and our specialty in LabVIEW™, stems from our commitment to professionalism specifically in LabVIEW™. Our leading team
members are senior developers, with 15-25 years of real and relevant experience in developing hundreds of systems and leading the
top-most LabVIEW™ projects in Israel.
Our customers see us as full partners in developing testers and automation in their companies. This cooperation allows us to leverage the
knowledge, expertise, and software infrastructures that we have developed during hundreds of diverse projects, for the benefit of our clients. Together with the engineering and development teams we serve, we shorten the development and testing time of products, and improve their reliability.

All this through:

  • A professional management team.
  • A first-rate, goal-oriented, engineering team.
  • Systems and methods of project and task management.
  • Advanced and proven software infrastructures.
  • A management and quality control system.

Our missions:

  1. To be the favorite and repeated choice of our customers.
  2. To lead our customers in the best possible way towards achieving their technological goals.
  3. To deliver our services in the most efficient and effective way, for the satisfaction of our customers.
  4. To be a source of pride for our employees and their first choice as a workplace.
  5. To maintain our financial strength and stability through profitable activity and continual, sustainable growth.
  6. To develop innovative tools and products that give substantial value to us and to our customers.

The following values effect our decisions, direct our actions, and support Testview’s vision:

  • Professionalism – to be the leading LabVIEW™ developers in Israel.
  • Integrity – to be fair, reliable, tell the truth, and keep up our promises.
  • Striving for excellence – to accomplish work with professional proficiency, accommodating our clients’ needs, and working for their satisfaction – while keeping up with the timeline, the budget, the quality, and the goals of the company.
  • Cooperation– to accomplish tasks through teamwork, mutual respect, in a friendly manner, and with the willingness to share knowledge.
  • Empowerment and mutual respect – to be an empowering and nurturing work environment for our employees, in a personal and a professional manner.
  • Confidentiality– to keep the confidential information of our clients and our company safe, and to prevent its exposure to any agent that is not authorized to receive it.
  • Innovation – to encourage innovation and mental creativity among all our company’s employees.
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