PCB Testers

What is a PCB?

PCBs, or printed circuit boards, are the basic components of electrical products. The other components of electronic devices, such as connectors, resistors, and diodes, are mounted to, and communicate through, the PCB. So, the last thing you want is to experience a PCB failure. This is why testing PCBs is a must, during the development and manufacturing processes.

Testview - PCB Testing Experts at Your Service

We offer:

  • Full turnkey Tester design, production, and integration services.
  • Ready software modules for RF and DC tests, microcontroller burn, label printing, sound, vibration, LED and DAQ.
  • Fully featured LabVIEW™ based test manager.
  • Optimal test equipment selection – RF, DC, Optical, Motion and DAQ.
  • Support for FPGA and RealTime Incorporation for increased performance of board level functional testers design and integration.
  • Automatic and flexible results database and report generator.

What makes us the team you need?

Testview works according to your system requirements to develop the best and most affordable solution to fit your needs.

  • We have experience with hundreds of test systems in different industries: Medical, Semiconductor, Electronics, Optics,
    Defense, and RF & Microwave.
  • Our engineers use best practice project management guidelines that ensure you receive reliable, efficient, and user-friendly systems.
  • Our systems are well documented to ensure understanding and ease-of-use.
  • We use the TVI software in our testers, which allows you to easily edit and add individual tests and test sequences. 

For case studies about PCB testers, click here.

We’re here to answer your PCB testing needs! Contact us here.

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