Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor Overview

Semiconductors are everywhere. They are so widespread because their qualities, and especially their conductivity, can be adjusted to fit the needs of different electronic parts. They are used in the Medical, Military, and Automobile industries – just to name a few.
Companies in the semiconductor industry are always looking to innovate – to make our lives easier and more comfortable. 

We offer various services for the semiconductor industry, where it comes to testing semiconductors during the different stages of their production lifecycle.

Testing Semiconductors

Because we use semiconductors to such extant, companies in this industry need to make sure they work properly, while still keeping up with manufacturing quotas. However, the constant innovation in this field also means constant readjustment in the testing process.

This is where automated tests come in handy. Automated tests make it easy to thoroughly test large quantities of semiconductors, while also providing the flexibility required for testing semiconductors of different complexities and qualities.

Testview - Automatic Test Solutions

Testview already has a lot of experience when it comes to developing, producing, and assimilating automated testers and other flexible test solutions for the Semiconductors Industry. To help companies in this industry get exactly what they need, our team works closely with them from the kick-off of the project, through design, and up to the implementation of the test system on the production line. We provide automated testing solutions for semiconductors during three levels of their production – Wafer Level, Chip IC and Chip Burn-In.

Among our Proven Test Solutions for Semiconductors:

Wafer Level

  • Software and Communication Validation
  • Optical (Laser) Tester
  • Device Design Validation
  • Radio-Frequency (RF) Testers

Chip IC

  • Bed of Nails
  • Visual Inspection and Image Processing
  • PCB Functional Testers
  • IC Parametric Tester

Chip Burn-In

  • Burn-In and Reliability Testers
  • Pneumatic and Pressure
    Regulated Test

Our Tool

All these testers are developed using TVI – our proven tester automation framework. It’s in use in hundreds of test processes in the Semiconductors Industry already. To learn more, visit the TVI page.

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