Here you will find articles about automated testers, tester automation frameworks, hardware testing, and more. These articles are meant to provide
additional information about automated hardware testing, and serve as a valuable knowledgebase for those who are just getting started
in the industry, as well as for veterans. 

Read the case studies of successful projects we completed for our customers. These include the customers’ needs and requirements, the technical
skills and the technology we used to answer those needs, and the project-specific results.

You can read here case studies of projects in which TVI was used to answer our customers’ needs and requirements. These include a description of the
situations in which the need for a test automation framework arises, the benefits of TVI in these situations, and the project-specific results
and effects of implementing TVI in the test process.

Orbotech – TVI Case Study

Orbotech Ltd develops, manufactures and sells equipment for support, supervision and testing of manufacturing processes of electronic products. Most of its products include AOI systems

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Nova Lumos – TVI Case Study

Nova Lumos Ltd develops, manufactures, and sells home solar systems worldwide. Throughout the production and assembly process, automated testers are used extensively to ensure product

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Lumenis – Case Study

Lumenis Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells medical equipment in laser technology, light flash (IPL) and radio waves. Throughout the production and assembly process, automated tests

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