TVI Features


Why Use TVI

TVI is a simple and easy-to-operate test automation framework, that allows you to shorten the development time of a tester. It is an easy and quick solution when it comes to developing LabVIEW™-based testers

TVI’s features include:

Seamless Integration with LabVIEW™ >

TVI is fully based on LabVIEW™.

This creates full compatibility between the development environment - LabVIEW™ - and the running environment – TVI. That way, you enjoy the benefits and strength of LabVIEW™ programming and a complete test automation framework that covers all your software requirements.

Support for Different Coding Languages >

TVI supports Python, .NET, and C#.

It includes a comprehensive API for all those programing languages, allowing you to keep programing in your favorite language, while providing an inclusive framework for all your test automation needs.

Large Resource Library >

TVI comes with a comprehensive library

Including tests, templates, sample projects and API functions for easy interfacing with the framework functions.

Test Generator >

A ready-may test management infrastructure

This means there is no need to develop an infrastructure from scratch. It provides the engineer with an environment to create, edit and manage tests. You can easily edit tests from a wide selection of ready-made tests and test templates.

Sequence Editor >

Create, edit, and manage your tests

TVI lets you create, edit, and manage your test sequences and test parameters using a simple sequence editor interface. Create multi-level sequences, add and arrange tests, loops, and user messages, run executable files, and more.

Dynamic test loading >

Tests are loaded dynamically

This allows complete separation between the test code and the test management framework. Each test is independent, allowing you to easily develop, debug and integrate.

Multi-Product and Configuration Support >

Define and manage a list of products.

TVI enables engineers to define and manage a list of products. For each product, and each test, you can customize the software and hardware parameters. It also supports multi-station configuration.

Report Generator and Viewer >

Dynamic result retention

TVI supports a dynamic result retention, tailored to the selected test sequence. It has a built-in interface for analyzing and comparing test results. An integrated report viewer allows you to view, sort, and filter all the records in the database. The report viewer supports both text files and SQL database.

Permission levels >

TVI has 3 permission levels

user – can perform basic actions to operate the tester and view reports. engineer – can also edit sequences and test parameters, and manage test results, and administrator – can also define and manage products and product software and hardware parameters.

TVI provides an easy and quick solution for developing simple, LabVIEW™ based testers.
TVI is easy to operate, simple to develop with, and extremely affordable.
To get started, click here.

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