Semiconductors are extremely widespread – their qualities, and especially their conductivity, can be adjusted to fit the needs of different electronic components. Since we use semiconductors to such extant, companies in this industry need to make sure that they work properly, while still keeping up with manufacturing quotas. This is where automated tests come in handy.

Read here about the solutions we provide for semiconductor testing.

RF & Microwave

RF and Microwave signals are used in a variety of fields – companies in this industry need to ensure that their products function in accordance with the latest industry standards. Using automated test systems enables performing an array of tests easily and quickly, ensuring an optimal ROI on that pricey RF test equipment.

We offer cutting-edge, on-budget, solutions for testing RF & Microwave instrumentations.

RF & Microwave Industry


Optical assemblies are arrangements of optical components that guide a line of sight or a laser beam. Instruments like telescopes and cameras have optical assemblies in them to guide incoming light. We want, and need, these optical assemblies to work properly and accurately. Automated testing allows for accurate and repeatable inspection of optical assemblies.

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Medical Devices

Medical devices are used to diagnose, monitor, or treat patients. Any malfunction in such a device can have severe consequences. So, companies must test these devices before they are used in practice. Automating this test process minimizes the range of human errors and speeds up the rate of production.

Read here about the range of automated test solutions we offer for the Medical Device industry.


The Electronics industry manufactures the components that make everything around us tik. These companies must make sure that their products function properly, while still producing the required high quota. Automated tests make testing large quantities of electronics easy and quick.

Check out the different test solutions we offer in the field of electronics.

Military and Defense

The Military and Defense Industry relies on different devices in their day-to-day, as well as in critical, assignments. The nature of the technology in this field makes it crucial to make sure that everything functions properly. Automated tests of defense equipment minimize human errors in the process, standardize test data, and more.

Read about the various automated test solutions we provide to companies in this field.

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