RF & Microwave Industry

RF & Microwave Overview

Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave signals are used in many fields, such as communication, data transmission, imaging and
radar technologies. From mobile phones and the Internet to radio navigation and sensor systems, the use of RF technology
increases in a variety of industries, ranging from Aerospace and Medical, and through to Consumer products.

Testview provides various automated test solutions for companies that utilize RF technology and microwave signals.

RF & Microwave Industry

RF & Microwave Testing

Companies in the RF industry need to ensure that their components, systems, and final products function in accordance with the latest industry standard. This is done by running a variety of tests. Yet, RF testing instrumentation is very expansive, and using it for manual testing takes a lot of time.

Using automated test systems enables preforming an array of tests easily and quickly, insuring an optimal Return on Investment (ROI) on those pricey testing instrumentations.

Testview - Automatic Testing Solutions

Testview has substantial experience in the RF & Microwave Industry when it comes to the development, production and assimilation of innovative automated test systems and solutions. Our team works closely with companies in this industry to provide full turnkey solutions, using technology and automation to improve products’ consistency, reliability, and quality. We offer solutions for automating the testing processes of components, assemblies, subsystems, and through to final products, prepared to be shipped off to costumers.

Among our Proven Test Solutions for RF & Microwave technology:

  • RF Power Testing
  • RF Imaging Testing
  • ESS Performance Test Systems
  • Radio-Frequency (RF) Testers
  • Burn-In and Reliability Testers
  • Wireless PCB Functional Testers
  • Wireless Communication Testing

Our Tool

We develop testers using TVI – our proven tester automation software. This platform is already being used by hundreds of test processes in the RF & Microwave Industry. To learn more, visit the TVI page.

Contact us here to hear more or to hire our services.

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