Military and Defense Industry

Military and Defense Overview

From ships to radars to rockets, people in the Military and
Defense Industry rely on different devices and systems in their
day-to-day assignments, as well as in critical missions.

We provide various services related to the testing of the systems and the devices used in the Military and Defense Industry.

Testing Military and Defense Systems and Devices

Because of the nature of technology in this field, and its purpose, it is crucial to make sure that all the systems and instrumentations function properly.

Automated testing of military and defense equipment can speed up the rate of testing, minimize human errors in the process, and standardize test
data – which allows perfecting the production process. All of this works to improve two of the most important values in this field – reliability and durability.

Testview - Automatic Testing Solutions

Testview has extensive experience in development, production and assimilation of automated test systems and innovative solutions for the Military and Defense industry. Our team offers full turnkey solutions, as well as hourly projects, to companies in the Military and Defense industry. We provide solutions for automating test processes of components, assemblies, subsystems, and up to final products, ready to be delivered to customers.

Among our proven test solutions for Military and Defense devices:

• Electro-Optical Tester
• PCB Functional Testers
• Burn-In and Reliability Testers
• Navigation Components Testing
• Thermal and visible camera testing

• DAQ Monitor and Control Systems
• Space and UHF Components Testing
• Radar, Communication and RF Testers
• Visual Inspection and Image Processing

Our Tool

We develop testers using TVI – our proven tester automation framework, already implemented in hundreds of testers in the Military and Defense field. To learn more, visit the TVI page.

Contact us here to hear more or to hire our services.

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