The Benefits of Commercial Frameworks

In this article, you can read why in-hose software solutions for test automation could be problematic, and how TVI – the Testview Integrator – can help you with your test automation needs.

When developing a hardware automated test system, one of the stages is software development. This software needs to allow the developers and the production line operators to run automated tests and test sequences through the system’s hardware. There are some commercial test automation software solutions, but most companies choose to develop their own in-house solution.

However, in-house solutions can have several highly problematic down-sides:

Software development takes time:

The software development process takes about a third of the time that is invested in test system development. This time can be otherwise spent in actual testing or in test development.

They are usually project-specific and they don’t keep up with technological advancement:

In-house solutions are usually developed with a specific testing process in mind. They usually can’t be reused for different testing processes or for testing different products. Moreover, technology advances quickly, and products become more complex. This means that even in the projects they were developed for, in-house solutions require constant maintenance. Constant maintenance takes time and money.

They are person-dependent and have a short lifespan:

In-house solutions are usually developed by a single engineer. The company usually loses the ability to maintain it, as others find the framework too difficult to operate and develop their own solution – which is bound to go down the same path.

Commercial test automation frameworks, like TVI, are meant to offer a better, and easier, solution for the software development part of test automation systems.

TVI was developed with the idea of easing test engineers’ load altogether, and not with a single testing process in mind. It is a test automation framework, and as such, it is meant to provide the tools that are required for developing different tests and test sequences, for different products:

Saving tester development time and effort:

It saves test engineers the time and effort of test software development, by providing a ready-made one, and instead, allows them to focus on test development.

It also has a large database of test code and test sequences you can use and reuse, saving test engineers’ time in test development as well.

Supports different products, different test processes, and keeps up with technological advancements:

It separates the framework from the test code. You can add and edit tests and test sequences without having to rework the framework each time.

Plus, because the framework is separated from the test code, it easily adapts to new technology as well. All you have to do is integrate the required hardware and add the needed code, without worrying about adjusting the software.

And, because it was developed to fit different test processes, it can be used for testing different products. No need to adjust the software when new products’ test processes are introduced.

Long lifespan

It has a long lifespan. It is easy to learn and to use, and it comes with user manuals and a support line.

For the same reasons, it also does not depend on one single engineer to be kept usable and running.


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