Designing and Manufacturing a Miniature Camera Tester for ScoutCam

The Customer

ScoutCam Ltd. develops and manufactures customized visual solutions to organizations by offering micro cameras and supplementary technologies.

The Challenge

Designing and manufacturing an optical test system that enables running tests on:

  • Reflective and diffusive master targets
  • Brightfield fibers

The full test process needs to run either with full control of the user, or automatically with minimal user intervention.

Designing and Manufacturing a Miniature Camera Tester for ScoutCam

The Solution

The tester that Testview developed is able to:

  • Calibrate the relative reflectance coefficient of ScoutCam reflective and diffusive master targets (compared to a known sample).
  • Perform screening of ScoutCam brightfield fibers based on the camera’s response (compared to a known sample).
  • Document UUTs test results and produce test reports.

TVI - a tester automation platform - was used as the tester managing tool, with LabVIEW™ as the code development environment. The project involved integrating all hardware into a single unified system, and developing a TVI based control software.

The Results

Testview developed a tool that completely answered ScoutCam’s requirements. The tool enables ScoutCam to identify possible defects on a tested camera by processing images, captured by the tested camera and comparing them to a known/golden reference. TVI’s detailed and easy to use report feature produces test reports per UUT and general reports, comparing several UUT’s test results. Using this tool, ScoutCam was able to reduce production time and costs, and improve the reliability of their product.

Main Window:

Designing and Manufacturing a Miniature Camera Tester for ScoutCam
Full Manual Control (HW Panel): The user is provided with a user interface that allows to manually operate the entire Tester and Camera functions:

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